Postcards from a Small Planet

Travel is where we encounter the Other: people, cultures, traditions that are different.  Difference captures our attention, unsettles us, intrigues us, invites comparison, and is the beginning of learning.  It is through our encounters with the Other that we learn a broader concept of humanity, forge empathy from sympathy, and develop a deeper understanding of ourselves.

The images gathered here chronicle experiences across more than sixty countries on five continents.  A critic once dismissed travel photography as “postcards”.  Drop in, shoot, leave.  But in travel, in our encounters with the Other, there is curiosity, looking, seeing, experiencing and learning.  In art there is the opportunity for aesthetic expression of such intense and rich experiences.  Together these elements enable the traveler-artist to return home transformed and to share.


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Waiting for a Ship - Bahia, BrazilWaiting for a Ship - Bahia, Brazil Waiting for a Ship - Bahia, Brazil