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Community is central to my life and art.  I am repeatedly driven to step into  the “town square” to engage in the work of making my community a better place.  And every time I venture out with my camera, I carry with me that core impulse.  I am also a fifth-generation Georgian – actually a fifth-generation Jewish Georgian – and the rich complexities of the American South, and of being a minority in the South, shape me and my art.  History and culture, geography and race, tradition and conflict, injustice and progress… these entangled strands I carry with me as well. 

The subjects and stories to which my eye is drawn are shaped by these foundational forces.  To them I bring my aesthetic, which is quite structured.  My early influences were not photographic.  Rather they came from painting and collage: Pablo Picasso’s composition; Edward Hopper’s light; Louise Nevelson’s rhythm.  These and others helped me develop the creative language for my own work: line, pattern, color, movement, balance.

And there is also storytelling, with its fertile tradition in both Southern and Jewish cultures.  I relish the power of story.  Each photograph I make contains embedded narrative, and each represents a coming together of curiosity, discovery, creativity and joy.

Andrew Feiler


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Pebblesfrom the series Blacks and Whites Pebbles
from the series Blacks and Whites